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As property investors ourselves, we work daily with tenants, property owners, rent boards, city inspectors and maintenance personnel.  We have deployed a state-of-art cloud-based system that effectively markets our properties while providing effective communications and management of tenants, owners and service providers.  We have also automated online invoicing, payment, and reporting systems and are proud to be a 90%+ paperless system.

Your home is probably one of the largest personal investments you have.  You probably wouldn't trust your neighborhood Realtor to handle your retirement portfolio, so why would you trust her to handle your largest personal investment?  We look beyond "curb-appeal" and help you focus on things that matter like hidden repair costs, finding resources to transform your dream home, cost-of-ownership and resale value.  We also use both traditional and custom marketing tools to reach "specific" buyers to fetch top dollar on your listing.   


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The San Francisco Bay Area has become one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation, with little relief in sight.  Home buyers, renters and investors are feeling the impact of record sale prices, historically low inventory, and a new breed of competition, both domestic and foreign.  This change in market dynamics requires not only extensive market expertise, but a new approach to finding, negotiating and managing real estate.

Fox Capital Investments, combines more than 45 years of real estate, investment and property management experience, giving home buyers, investors, and renters a competitive edge.  Contact us today and you'll find out why most of our clients come to us after working with other traditional brokers.

Buying an investment property is far more complex than buying a home.  More than just Cap Rates and GRM's, you need a team that can guide you through rehab, hidden risks, financial upsides, local market conditions, local and regional ordinances and effective management to maximize your net profit and minimize risk. We specialize in the sub $2M market, too small for commercial brokers and beyond skill set of your neighborhood "Realtor".    We don't just teach you investing, we become your partner.

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